Monday, September 13, 2010

Galloway begs Mubarak to let his latest Gaza convoy through

George Galloway has been preparing a new convoy to Gaza, but he has one major problem: the fact that Egypt has banned him for the trouble he caused last time.

Galloway was deported from Egypt last January after his "Viva Palestina" convoy members started a protest that ended up killing an Egyptian policeman.

Later, Egypt banned all of these publicity-seeking convoys from entering Egypt while allowing real aid through.

According to Arabic media, Galloway is begging Hosni Mubarak to allow him to return with the convoy he is organizing in Algeria, saying that he is not associated with Hamas but does respect the Palestinian Arabs' choice of Hamas as their leaders.

So far, Egyptian officials have not acknowledged his asking for permission to cross the country with a stream of reporters.

Galloway said that "we have no problems with Egypt, because the actual enemy is Israel."