Monday, September 13, 2010

Follow-up on "Mossad hack" of Saudi TV (UPDATE: Solved!)

Last week I mentioned a rumor going around the Arab world that Israelis hacked the popular Saudi MBC network to broadcast messages of peace, using an Israeli-looking woman.

Firas Press got a screenshot:

The subtitle says "Our presence on Earth means happiness for you."

One of the commenters thinks that is was actually an ad for a show on a sister MBC network, called MBC Action. It looks like MBC Action mostly plays American shows.

But if she is either Israeli, Jewish or a celebrity, I'm sure that some reader of this blog will recognize her....

(h/t Ali for translation)

UPDATE: The woman is from the TV series "V" about extra-terrestrials who come to Earth. Note the tagline: "We are of peace. Always."

(h/t to the many who recognized her.)