Monday, August 02, 2010

Al Arabiya has an article about Jewish groups

Al Arabiya in Arabic published an article about Jewish groups who are not well known.

One is about the Iraqi Jewish community. With a picture of a website based in New York whose design seems to not have been updated since 1999, the article briefly discusses how Jews used to be 2.6% of the Iraqi population and how they are trying to get their confiscated property back. They also discuss how Zionist the Iraqi Jewish community is in America.

To blunt that last point, the article goes on to talk about Neturei Karta, the tiny anti-Israel group whose main accomplishment is to provide cover for anti-semites - even though they hate NK too.

The last piece is about a pro-Israel Kurdish organization that recently started a magazine. The magazine discusses Jewish Kurds as well as historical connections between Jews, Zionists and Kurds.