Monday, July 19, 2010

"Muslims need to tackle Jewish Islamophobia"

The ignoble Khaled Amayreh, whose love for conspiracy theories spans from Jews to UFOs, has a new article out all over the Arabic and loony left sites called "Muslims need to tackle Jewish Islamophobia."

You see, this pseudo journalist is concerned for anti-Muslim bigotry among Jews.

Just for fun, here are some examples of how he refers to Jews through this article - all while railing against supposed Jewish bigotry:

From Sydney to California , Zionist Jews are spreading venomous hatred against Islam.

sick supremacists

Jewish supremacists

virulent Jewish Islamophobia

the Jewish-controlled media and show biz have been inciting against Islam for ages.

Zionist agents fabricated anti-Semitic incidents, like scrawling anti-Jewish epithets or even setting Jewish property on fire, and blamed it on Muslims

The ultimate message they are trying to communicate is "kill the Muslims"

Nazi-like Israeli policies in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and South Lebanon

duplicitous, dishonest and disobedient Jews who views the rest of mankind as cattle.

This satanic calf has effectively morphed Jews, or most Jews, into mass murderers, certified war criminals, child killers, land thieves and pathological professional liars.

a real alliance is being forged between Zionism and European neo-Nazism

Israeli Nazism has a fixation, namely controlling the world by controlling governments and regimes, as is already the case in the United States, Canada and several other western countries.

As they say in Arabic, "The camel cannot see the crookedness of its own neck."

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