Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pure anti-semitism in Islam Online

Khalid Amayreh, a true anti-semite and prolific writer in Arab and far left sites, puts some pure Jew-hatred in an article in Islam Online.

The upshot is that Jews are acting as Nazis so righteous people like him have an obligation to reveal that to the world. He even uses the term "Judo-Nazis."

It's not even worth fisking, but it is worth reading, if only to see the depth of hate that Jews have to put up with as well as the sickening comments supporting him from around the world.

I wrote a comment; we'll see if it gets flagged as being abusive:
I could easily write an article using the same appalling "logic" of Amayreh to "prove" that Muslims are today's Nazis.

Ethnic cleansing? Check. Mass murder? Check. Jew-hatred? Check. Islamic supremacists? Check. Imams who use Sharia law to justify terrorism? Check.

Amayreh's total inability to see things clearly can be seen in these two sentences:

"In short, Israel's ultimate goal behind the exaggerated and never- ending regurgitation of holocaust rituals is not really to remind humanity of the extent to which man can be cruel to his fellow man. Rather, it is to obtain a license, or even a carte blanch, to torment and savage the Palestinians, destroy their homes, steal their land, and expel them to the four winds."

I have news for you, Khalid. Jews and Zionists are not nearly as obsessed with Palestinians as you are with Jews. To even consider that Holocaust memorials are purely a cover for Jews desiring to annihilate Palestinian Arabs shows such a breathtaking, self-centered distortion of reality as to be laughable - if it wasn't for the fact that you would happily send these evil "Judo-Nazis" into the sea as your ancestors stated explicitly time and time again before there was such a thing as "occupation."

It is a discredit to Islam Online to host such pure garbage.
You might want to throw in your two cents as well.

UPDATE: I couldn't resist another comment:

1971: Jordan murdered thousands of Palestinian Arabs in Black September.
1975: Hundreds of Palestinian Arabs killed in a single day, December 6, by Lebanese Phalangists.
1985-86: Syrian troops murdered thousands of Palestinians in Lebanese camps (War of the Camps.)
March 1991: 400,000 Palestinians are expelled from their homes in Kuwait - in a single week.

These are only crimes against Palestinians Arabs. I'm not even talking about things like Syria's massacre at Hama or Egypt's use of chemical weapons in Yemen, both with thousands of Arab victims.

I'm not even mentioning non-Arab victims of Arab aggression!

So, are the Lebanese, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians and Kuwaitis also Nazis? Because they do a much more efficient job of murdering and displacing Palestinian Arabs than Israel could ever dream of doing. And no Arab country except for the partial exception of Jordan allows Palestinian Arabs to become citizens - even if they want to!

Face it: Amayreh is calling the Jews "Nazis" because he simply hates Jews, not because of anything they've done. Because if he is honest with himself, Israel has treated Palestinian Arabs no worse than their Arab brethren have - and he would never dare call them Nazis.