Thursday, June 10, 2010

Radical Arabs really hate moderate Arabs

We have discussed radical, pro-Hamas pseudo-journalist Khaled Amayreh before. We have seen this ESP expert him try to start a new intifada, go beyond the "anti-zionist" meme to coin the word "Judo-Nazis, " and hurl bile at Elie Wiesel.

Today, he sets his sights upon relatively moderate Arab journalist Abdul Rahman al Rashed, who writes for Asharq Al-Awsat among other places. You can almost feel the spittle that must have been spraying all over his keyboard as he wrote this:
Just as Israel’s barbarianism was being exposed to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world, following the criminal state’s bloody raid on the Gaza Freedom flotilla on 31 May, Abdul Rahman al Rashed was barking from London, blaming Hamas for the persistence of the Israeli or more correctly Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the coastal territory.

Thus, in just one sound-bite he exonerated the world’s premier terrorists from any wrong doing, effectively granting a certificate of innocence to murderous Ashkenazi vandals who stole Palestine from its rightful owners and also to Nazi-like America which had just occupied and destroyed two sovereign Muslim nations based on lies and baseless allegations.

Abdul Rahman al Rashed is literally translated into “the Servant of the Compassionate (Allah), the rightly-guided.” However, a more fitting name for this intellectual midget should connote or denote the fact that he is a willing slave for Zionist propaganda and decadent Arab tyrannies.

His unscrupulous espousal and advocacy of Zionist narratives are beyond disgraceful. He should be called Abdul al Shaytan, [servant of Satan] rather than Abdul Rahman, and al Dhal ["The lost one" - h/t Ali] instead of al Rashed.

Yasser Arafat gave the Israelis everything they asked for, in the hope that they would relent and come to terms with Palestinian rights and dignity. He even went as far as tormenting and torturing his own people in order to obtain a certificate of good conduct from Isaac Rabin, the pseudo-peace dove who had ordered his troops to break the bones of Palestinian children. And what was the result of all this blindness of the mind? They killed him in his own headquarters in Ramallah.

And now the Commander of the Faithful in Ramallah, Abu Mazen, al-Rashed’s apparent darling, is even outmatching Arafat by indulging in all these stupid sycophantic theatrics that only serve to further degrade and dishonor the Palestinian people, while emboldening the Zio-Nazi leadership in Tel Aviv including the wild Jewish animals, known as the settlers in the West Bank.

The London-based quisling journalist is strikingly naïve. He is audacious enough to think that all the suffering in Gaza would come to an abrupt end if only Hamas and other Palestinian factions ignored the fate of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners and freedom fighters languishing in Zionist concentration camps by unconditionally releasing an Israeli prisoner of war and succumbing to “Chosen People” or “Master Race.”
Amayreh is still quoted all over the place as if he is a legitimate journalist rather than a hatemonger and bigot. He seems to spend his entire life in a permanent state of anger and denial  - and blame.

Does Daniel Kurtzer think that Israel could do anything to reduce his psychotic hate, and that a serious percentage of Arabs do not share his insane venom?