Monday, July 26, 2010

Elder sells out

I'm still looking for ways to "monetize" this blog without negatively impacting the reader experience. Here's what I've been trying.

I added a Google AdSense ad in my left sidebar, but way down the page, because I didn't want to push down my other widgets. Not surprisingly, practically no one is clicking on it. This is resulting in a whopping profit of about $0.05 a day.

I added a customized Google search engine on the right side that searches a list of Zionist blogs and Israeli newspaper websites. So far, so good, but I am sure I will be adding sources to that search to make it better. The results page, which opens in a new window, has ads. It does add some value, IMHO, especially when you are looking for that one thing you know you read somewhere....

I also added Google AdSense ads in my RSS feed. It also is generating a couple of pennies a day.

The Amazon search engine I had placed way out of the way generated pretty much nothing after the first couple of days, so I just placed it on the right sidebar so it will be visible to everyone. If you want to buy a book or video from Amazon, consider a search from my site I will get a minuscule cut of the profits.

I'm looking at tip-jars, but haven't found anything that I like yet.

Let me know if any of these things are screwing up your webpage or slowing down the site even more than it already is.

In other administrivia, I got rid of the EoZ Message Board page and added an EoZ Video Page.in case you want to see (most of) my videos in one place, including the ones I didn't put on YouTube.