Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Latest videos about the flotilla

New stuff that came out recently:

The IDF released (almost unusable) video and audio from during the operation where the soldiers hear and react to gunshots from the "peace activists." I'm still trying to find out more details on their arsenal (no pictures have been released) but at at least one soldier was injured from a gunshot.

UPDATE: It appears that two guns were taken from soldiers as they were being beaten, and their clips were emptied in the course of the fighting (from the IDF spokesperson via email)

Free Gaza, whenever they were asked why they do not cooperate with Israel to get the aid to Gaza, would answer that they "knew" that the IDF would not allow their aid to get there.

Here is at least some of the aid from the ships heading to Gaza:

Here is an Israeli sailor describing first hand what occurred:

Suzanne notices an Al Jazeera video where an Egyptian "legal expert" explains why the world is legally obligated to provide Hamas with weapons: