Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muslims accuse Jews of drinking, sex in cemetery

The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation, which is behind a great deal of the incitement against Israel and Jews, has a new accusation that ties together every recent hot-button issue in a nice package:

They are claiming that Zionist Jews were drinking and having sex in the Mamilla Cemetery in Jerusalem on Valentine's Day!

They claim to have pictures of empty and broken alcohol bottles as well as used condoms near the graves. Here is one of them, from their website:
They are saying that "moral degenerate Jews" went into the cemetery on Valentine's Day to copulate.

Of course, they hold the Israeli government responsible for these alleged crimes, adding that this is just part of the same mindset that allows Jews to willy-nilly desecrate major Islamic gravesites.

The foundation said "We will not keep silent about such crimes, and we will try with all our effort to address such violations, and to rein in violators of the sanctity of fallen dead in the cemetery."

If the site is so important, why don't they just hire a guard?

Unless, perhaps, the incitement is far more important to them than the sanctity of the site itself.