Thursday, February 11, 2010

The explosive Iran/Hamas connection

This morning saw another Hamas "work accident" where a 23-year old Al Qassam Brigades member was "martyred" in a "task of jihad." This was the sixth known such death this year, and the 12th in the past four months.

Ma'ariv has an article this morning that indicates that there has been a lot more cooperation between Hamas and Iran's Revolutionary Guards, that have resulted in a number of explosions, although it is unclear how many of them are so-called "work accidents" and how many were targeted.

For example, according to Palestinian Arab security officials, the Syrian bus explosion last December did not kill "pilgrims" but in fact killed five members of the Revolutionary Guards and three members of Hamas.

Similarly, an explosion in Beirut in December killed two more Hamas terrorists, inside Hezbollah-controlled territory.

The PA security officials say that an explosion last week in a residential basement in Gaza, that was blamed on a gas canister exploding, was really a weapons lab explosion. Immediately after the explosion, Hamas sealed off the area. The names of the victims were not released. The next day, Hamas announced the death of a "martyr" without mentioning the circumstances, and according to these reports he was known as being an explosives expert. In addition, the PA sources say that four Iranian Revolutionary Guard members were killed in the same incident.