Monday, July 13, 2009

Zionist attack cows invade Lebanon

Zionist attack cows, protected by Merkava tanks of the mighty IDF, have been accused sipping water from a Lebanese lake, according to Lebanese media.
Israeli cows guided by Israeli shepherds have been crossing the border in an act southerners are condemning as a violation of the country's sovereignty, especially since the cattle is being protected by the Israeli Army. The bovine "incursions" have even provoked Lebanese dogs that have now made it their mission to make the cows return where they came from.

Lebanese shepherds are also very concerned with falling water levels in the area as a result of the straying Israeli livestock.

Ismail Nasser, from Kfar Shuba, described how the Israeli cows have been crossing the border on a daily basis on their way to Baathail Lake without any consequences, while a commotion would erupt if any of his dogs were to approach the Blue Line, which was drawn by the United Nations in 2000, after Israel's withdrawal from almost all of the south.

As Nasser spoke, three cows appeared in the distance and were soon chased by the shepherd's barking dogs. As the dogs appeared to close in on their targets, an Israeli Merkava tank made its way to the combat zone only to disappear few moments after.

Nasser sighed with relief.

"There's barely enough water for me and my fellow Lebanese shepherds and each Israeli cow drinks more than 40 of our goats put together. Why doesn't UNIFIL consider this as an violation of the Blue Line?" Nasser asked.

The Municipal Council of Kfar Shuba convened late Thursday to discuss the problem, and decided to task its mayor, Izzat Qadiri, with drafting a letter to the commander of UNIFIL, Major General Claudio Graziano, as well as the commander of UNIFIL's Indian battalion, Saradib Chadra, asking them to reinforce surveillance at Hassan Gate and to put an end to the violation. Along with the letter, the council submitted proof of two holes made in the separating barbed wire at Baathail Lake.
Another member of the Zionist Attack Zoo!

(h/t Lance)