Monday, May 11, 2009

They are still looking for how Arafat was "poisoned"

Last month I mentioned a new "commission," headed by Yasir Arafat's nephew, to determine that Arafat was poisoned by the nefarious and evil Jooos.

Apparently, they are not alone.

Farouk Kaddoumi, PLO political leader in Tunisia, is also forming a similar commission:
Head of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Farouk Kaddoumi, in a press statement released on Monday said that the search is still underway to determine the tools used in the "poison" the late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat.

And on the formation of a commission charged with investigating the circumstances of the mysterious death of Arafat, Kaddoumi said "I have no knowledge of the formation of this Committee, but in the coming days, I will announce the formation of a commission of inquiry.

"As is well known, (former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon is the one who poisoned Arafat."
So they know who did it and how it was done. All they need is.... the tiniest shred of proof.