Friday, April 03, 2009

Arafat "poisoning" probe suffers a setback

The Arab commission to determine the cause of Arafat's death prove that Arafat was murdered by lying Zionist scum has suffered a setback.

As I reported on Monday, two days before the AP noticed it, Arafat's nephew is trying to put together a commission of doctors to prove that Arafat was poisoned. In Al-Quds today he even says that they are ready to take the "evidence" of poisoning to the International Criminal Court. But first, they have the pesky problem of, you know, proof.

Unfortunately, the initial meeting of Arafat's doctor cronies has been delayed.

Arafat's nephew, Nasser al Kidwa, who by sheer coincidence was also once the former "Palestinian Foreign Minister," said that the delay was simply because they couldn't get all the proper doctors together, and they will meet, although they don't know when.

For his part, Arafat's former physician Ashraf al-Kurdi doubts that the commission will uncover any new evidence. He says it was already known four years ago that Arafat died of poisoning.