Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sock puppet Sam Hamod returns again

"Dr." Sam Hamod, liar extraordinaire, returns to the comments, pretending to be the fictional "Rabbi Shmuel Handelman:"
Dear deluded shmucky "Elder" (what nonsense for you to call yourself an elder):

I am a rabbi, but you are a fraud.
I should sue you for libel and slander, but you are not worth the bother. I wonder if you are a Jew or Zionist--you know, if you are truly a Jew, that they are not the same thing, as I have been trying to point out in my articles.

Enough said.

Rabbi Handelman
So I looked a little further, and found absolute proof that Hamod is "Handelman". In a message written in 2006 to a Yahoo message board, there is a comment by this "rabbi" - but Hamod forgot to log out from his own Yahoo account when posting it. (The original page is gone, this comes from the Google cache):
Neither Balfour of England, nor the UN had the right to give Palestinian land to Israel; thus, the whole concept of true justice was thrown out the window. At this time, Israel refuses to clarify where it's borders end; one radical in Israel says it ends in Iraq. Who knows? Frankly, I think it extends into Washington, DC and takes over most of America and its assets, and pulls America into one disaster after another. My question is, how long will we American people allow this madness to go on, and continue supporting the terrorist state of Israel? Shalom, Rabbi Shmuel Handelman, Temple Shalom
Posted by samhamod@sbcglobal.net on Thu, Feb 16, 2006 2:26 AM ET

"Temple Shalom?" Is that the most imaginative name you could have come up with? Geez, Sam, you are even more pathetic than I thought!

Sam, as you obsessively Google your own name and see this posting, you know as well as I do that I have proven you a fraud and a charlatan, who pathetically tries to make up people to "defend" your positions because no real people exist who would. Not only have you made up "Handelman" and "Tovah Blum/Bloom", the woman who doesn't know how to spell her own name, but also "David Alexander, Esq." I doubt that you are a Ph.D., too.

So, Sam/"Shmuel," please go ahead with your threatened lawsuit against me. I dare you.