Monday, February 02, 2009

More on the sock-puppet

I mentioned yesterday that I had doubts that "Dr." Sam Hamod's credentials were accurate. Perusing the various biographies that he has written about himself on the Internet, he claims:
Sam Hamod is a former advisor to the U.S. State Dept; founder of 3rd World News (Wash, DC);Director of The Islamic Center (Wash, DC); Professor at Princeton, Michigan, Howard and Iowa (ret.).
From his website:
Sam Hamod has published 10 books of poems; has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry; has a Ph.D. from The Writers Workshop of The University of Iowa, has taught at Iowa, Princeton, Michigan, Howard and elsewhere;founded and edited Third World News in Wash, DC; and was the Director of The Islamic Center in Washington, DC.
At Al Jazeerah he throws in that he is a former professor of mass communications at Northwestern University.

For now, I am most interested in his Ph.D.

Because, according to the Writers' Workshop Page of the University of Iowa, it only offers a Masters degree, not a Ph.D.

(For the record, he clearly is a poet, having published a couple of books and been quoted in many others. Also, he has testified before Congress a number of times as a representative of the American Arab community, mostly in the 50s and 60s.) And he commented again last night on my blog, pretending again to be the fictional Dr. Tova Bloom/Blum.)