Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Muslim liar re-appears - as a sock puppet

Over three years ago, I posted an article called "Reasonable sounding liar - Dr. Sam Hamod." In it I look at an article written by Dr. Hamod where he espouses an American conservative philosophy before launching a bizarre rant against Israel, including the claim that Israel receives some quarter of a trillion dollars every year from the US. I found then that Hamod had written much nuttier things to his preferred audience of haters and lunatics, claiming (for example) that 90% of reporters are Jewish and advocating a children's intifada against the US government.

In other words, truth is not his strong suit.

I had forgotten about Dr. Hamod, and in general I don't bother with such lunatics anymore on my blog. But a comment made last night is most interesting:
Dear Elder of Ziyon and others,
I would like to offer both my expert opinion and personal opinion in regard to Dr. Hamod’s professionalism and character. I have known the man for several years and find him to be a fine example of Truth, faith, and loyalty. He is a genuine follower of his faith and exemplifies it in his personal life and professional life. He is of the utmost integrity and is the most giving man that I have personally had the privilege of knowing. I have taught with Hamod in the past and continue to interact with him and the beautiful godly woman in his life. This is America and Dr. Hamod has his opinions whether we all agree or not he is entitled to air his. I have found that at times we agree and at times we disagree, but it is most often that we agree. Also, I know him to be friends with many of the Jewish nationality; we both share a good friend in Rabbi Handleman. So, let us not be hasty to judge this good descent American-Lebanese man who has done much good for the arts and politics as well. His heart encompasses all faiths and nationalities as I have seen through the twenty years that I have had the benefit of knowing him.


Dr. Tovah Blum
I found it most interesting that Dr. Blum spelled her own last name differently in the same post. And unless "Dr. Bloom/Blum" is a very unethical psychiatrist, "she" wouldn't offer her defense of Hamod as an "expert opinion."

So I went a bit further, researching this "Rabbi Handleman." I could not find anyone with that name, but I did find a "Rabbi Shmuel Handelman" mentioned on a number of websites.

And in every site, he is either defending Dr. Sam Hamod, quoted by Hamod or posting on a website the Dr. Hamod is associated with.

Here is one of the posts by this "Rabbi:"
To the world from Rabbi Shmuel Handelman,

As a Jew, I denounce this crime that the zionists in our midst are
doing in the name of Judaism and Israel. All Jews with any conscience
will condemn this dastardly attack on Gaza.

Thank you Ms. Surasky, and all those who are working for a just
peace, not one imposed by arms and cruelty. This is not Judaism, this
is the cruelty of zionism and its devils on the earth.

Mr. Barak, Ms. Livni, Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Olmert, we condemn you
all in Yahweh's name, you will reap the whirlwind as surely as Moses
is our prophet. And where is the voice of the man who was given an
Nobel Prize for Peace, Mr. Peres? Have you lost your belief in our
religion Mr. Peres to give up your soul for these fools like Barak,
Livni, Netanyahu and Olmert?

I pray for you because you have a chance to prove you deserved that
Nobel Prize for Peace--if you do not raise your voice agains this,
then you should return the medal and the money to the Nobel Foundation
for you will not have deserved, nor deserve, it.

In sorrow, shalom,

Rabbi Shmuel Handelman
Anyone who is the slightest bit familiar with Judaism would know, without a doubt, that this is not written by a Jew. It is written by a Muslim pretending to be a Jew, "as surely as Moses is our prophet. "

Notice that "Shmuel" is Samuel in Hebrew, and that "Handelman" shares Hamod's initials.

It is clear that "Rabbi Handleman/Handelman" is a sock puppet for Dr. Hamod, who I am now doubting should be called "Dr." I could find no links to him outside of his political writings, so why would we believe that this liar has a doctorate - or any other of his supposed credentials as a professor?

Moreover "Dr. Bloom" visited me by Googling "sam hamod," something that one would expect Hamod to do on his own. Once we know that Hamod is willing to use fake Jewish sock-puppets to defend himself, it seems more than likely that our English-challenged "Dr. Bloom/Blum" is "Dr." Hamod himself.

Thanks, Sam, for not only proving my initial assertion that you are a liar, but for adding to the evidence.