Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The most bizarre writer for Indymedia?

Usually, raving paranoid anti-semitic losers at least pretend to make a modicum of sense when they write their thoughts down.

Not so Bobby Meade.

Bobby is a blogger who writes bizarre, essentially unreadable fantasies that betray serious mental illness. Which is fine, really.

What is more bizarre is that his retarded ramblings are also published by various far-left Indymedia sites, which then get indexed by Google News.

Here is the last paragraph of his latest lunatic screed:
Update 12/2: Bush Nazi report (blog addition): After kicking about 250 miles since September, I confirmed what the benefit was of trying to heal the scorpion sting sores that way. I learned that the lymph fluid in the lymph vessels is moved by muscle contractions; thus such exercise promotes the elimination of the toxic material from the body. A few weeks ago they filled my bedroom with bedbugs as they did in Ithaca eight years ago. I discovered that all prior bites become inflamed when you get new bites, producing a condition that Nazi doctors would probably call a rash. I bet all instances of bedbug infestations are promoted by Bush Nazis; i.e. sh*theads, queer boys, Jews, or someone of that ilk. It is extremely difficult to get rid of them. If you call an exterminator, they will probably spray then dust the places with eggs so they have to return every 30 days. Standard business procedure? They have also been making it so there is only one available computer at the library where I am surrounded by riff-raff throwing such insects. I have even witnessed fleas that were dumped from an upstairs window being blown in my open window. To top things off there is a WARNING sign on the front door, informing people that my building is under the protection of the Sheriff. That's odd because I was certain that the jurisdiction of the Sheriff was restricted to the town, the county, and the state roads within the city. Then again, if Broome County is anything like Tompkins County, every single police officer would be at the beck and call of the sh*t-eating Bush Nazi that rule the Sheriff Association. Ask Emery Guest, former Chief of Zion's Secret Police in Tompkins County. Do you wonder why the Star of David is on Sheriff vehicles? As for the massacre in India, that looked like Special Forces. You know the group that was apparently involved in the murders of @ 700 soldiers in the bogus portion of the 21 Day Persian Gulf War 2/6/91-2/24/91. Nevertheless Dumb Boy could play cowboy and go start a war in India, couldn't he? I bet that they picked India because so few people have guns over there. Can you imagine the number of murders if they didn't have such strict gun control?
Yes, this is real.