Monday, September 29, 2008

Today's search terms

Here's how one can tell that it is almost Rosh Hashanah - my blog is Google's number one link for "Shana Tova u'Metuka"! (Because last year's post was so popular in recent days, and Isaw people were looking for how to write it in Hebrew, I added the Hebrew to the title this year - and already it surpassed my last-year post in Google.)

These are the keywords that people are using to find me today, in order of popularity:

shana tova u metuka
shana tova wishes
shana tova u'metuka
qods day iran
elder of ziyon
shana tova ve metuka
shana tova u'metuka in hebrew letters
shanna tova u'metuka
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chomsky zionist
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most hated kuwaiti
dalal mughrabi
saudi women preachers
shana tova wishes in english
adnan al-baitouni
nazi paratroopers
kidnaping soldiers jewish
world domination jews
druze jerusalem post
cleric targets mickey mouse
shana tova u'metuka translate
unclean employee
umetuka wikipedia
bahrain gays
shanah tovah wishes
images of non violent protests
sumaya al yusuf
falaka in ramadan series
elder of zion
fallisi, joe opera
shana tova u' metuka
g'mar chatima tovah
what does shana tova u'metuka mean
'gay bahrain'
saudi gazette
succes of the israeli wall
saudi maid
press release about a bank taking over another bank
g'mar chatimah tovah
lbj took 2000 jews to israel
street harassment of female joggers
muhammad seif al-islam
shanah tova u metuka
jihad photos
shimon peres speech to un
qods day
good yom tov
metuka translation
has obama ever met prince al-walid bin talal bin abdul aziz al saud
egypt hijab
stuff they found by the kotel
shimon peres
moses 72 cartoon
hebrew alphabet handwriting style
new york sun palin speech
grenades for sale
o servant of allah, o muslim, this is a jew behind me, come and kill him
shana tova metuka
shaná tová u metuká
chatima in hebrew
shanah tova u metuka translate
shimón peres, new year speach
anti semitism financial crisis
sigheh mashad islamic temporary marriage
g'mar chatima tova
yom kippur 19th-century
jews in jordan
prostitution in islam