Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Norwegian newspaper publishes new Mohammed cartoon

Although the newspaper is framing it somewhat differently:
The Adresseavisen, published in Trondheim, on Tuesday ran a cartoon of a man with a bomb-belt around his waist and a T-shirt emblazoned with the text "I am Mohammed and no one dares to publish me."

Managing editor Arne Blix said the cartoon did not depict the prophet "but was a comment on events in Islamabad," referring to the bombing Monday of the Danish embassy in Pakistan that claimed six lives, including two Pakistani nationals employed by the embassy.

Some Muslim representatives in Norway said they expected protests over the drawing while Blix said the publication was "important for the innocent victims impacted by terrorism and for freedom of speech."
Well, you can judge for yourself. Here's the original cartoon from The Adresseavisen (autotranslated page):
The bomb belt might not be as offensive to Muslims as the minute anatomical details.

At least one Arabic newspaper chooses to interpret this as an insulting caricature of Mohammed.