Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hamas lying about its "martyrs"?

An intriguing claim being made by the (anti-Hamas) Palestine Press Agency says that a Hamas leader that was announced today as having been killed by Israeli airstrikes was in fact killed by Fatah two days ago:
Confirmed and reliable local sources in the Gaza Strip said that "promised Mahmud Farraj north," one of the most prominent militia leaders Field Hamas lawless in Gaza City, which claimed that the movement quoted today in Israeli shelling that targeted the Shajaiyeh neighborhood at dawn today , deceased since the day before yesterday, which caused fired during clashes between the militias of Hamas and elements of the Fatah movement in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood two days ago.

The sources indicated that Hamas hid the body in the north of the hospital and did not announce the news of his murder ...and was found after examination that [he was killed] two days ago after being [shot] twice in the chest.
This isn't reliable enough to add to my self-death count but it is interesting. There is more honor in dying as a martyr by Israeli fire than in being killed by a Fatah terrorist.