Monday, December 31, 2007

PalArabs end the year with a bang

The Jerusalem Post reports:
Anniversary celebrations for the Fatah movement turned violent in the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis after nightfall Monday, and medics said three people were killed.

They said one of the dead was a Hamas police officer, and another was a Fatah supporter. About 30 people were wounded, they said.
YNet confirms that the third to die is a teenager; Ma'an translates it to "child." Palestine Today says 5 were killed. Palestine Press makes it sound like the fighting is still going on and it appears the number dead is at least 5. For now I will only count 3 until we get the names of all the victims, so for now the 2007 Palestinian Arab self-death count is at 606.

Which means that 2007 is ending exactly the same way it started.

UPDATE: Ma'an, PalPress and PalToday all agree on five dead. 608. For now, based on these stories, I am assuming one minor.

UPDATE 2: Ma'an Arabic as well as PalToday now says 6. 609.