Wednesday, January 03, 2007

PalArabs just as peaceful in the new year (updated)

Besides the two deaths reported yesterday (a 57-year old mechanic found dead and a "work accident") in the PalArab self-death watch, there were two bodies found today: a 14 year old boy who was beaten and shot in the Nuseirat camp, and a 40-something woman who was beaten to death in Jabaliya. Our count since Operation Summer Rains is at 209; our 2007 count is at 4.

Keep in mind that I monitor about 5 PalArab news sources and typically stories like these only show up in one. If brutal murders are only mentioned incidentally the way typical newspapers would mention minor traffic accidents you can be sure that I am missing many other Arab killings in the territories. In addition, the main "human rights" website that used to be pretty consistent in reporting these incidents (as examples of "misuse of weapons and security chaos") has itself given up, with no updates for over a week now. Another "human rights" organization that tried to list all internal PalArab deaths by gunfire has not updated its list since November.

And B'Tselem only lists deaths that they can say are related to the intifada.

UPDATE: It appears that three members of the PA police were killed as they tried to storm a "militant" house suspected of housing the kidnapped AFP photographer. (Two dead mentioned in the story linked, a third mentioned in Maan News Arabic article.) Abbas blamed Hamas who denied it.

Meanwhile, a Fatah terrorist was killed in northern Gaza and a woman bystander was killed as well (same Haaretz article.)

So our numbers are now 214 since Summer Rains and 9 dead already this year.

UPDATE 2: Another woman killed, counts up to 215 and 10.
A bodyguard for the PA Interior Minister decided to moonlight as a bombmaker, since that is a respectable side job for a government aide. Unfortunately his bomb blew up and this evening, he succumbed to his injuries. So we are now at 216 and 11, making this New Year quite explosive.