Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last year's Dhimmi of the Year trying hard to keep his title

Last year, I declared Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna to be the 2006 Dhimmi of the Year for his consistent, slavish adherence to the Islamist position on pretty much everything, including religion. He is a man who can be counted on to consistently blame Jews for everything that happens in the Middle East, including Arab attacks on Christians.

Today, he is desperately trying for two in a row. In an Arabic interview during a trip to Algeria, he states that there is no reason for dialogue recently proposed by the Vatican between Muslims and Arab Christians, because they are fundamentally identical:(autotranslated)
Dialogue, which I referred to the Vatican for the Catholic Church or the West, but for us Orthodox church, we believe that we do not need such dialogues with our fellow Muslims, we are the sons of one region and the builders of civilization and one of our Arab Oriental, and the Orthodox Church has not come out of wars or Alafranjh With the arrival of Western colonialism, but is the daughter of the East, where Christ was born the Church of the Nativity in peace, that is approximately the age of the Church of the Millennium.

...We believe that Muslims and Arabs are our brothers, [who] share the same concerns and we look forward to a common destiny.

...we feel that any harm to Islam or one of its symbols are [attacks on us as well], and anything that affects on Islam or Muslims affects us, and we have denounced the abuses against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, and we have our position clear through statements and positions.

We particularly welcome the Western delegations in Palestine and hold conferences and participate in many international forums, which are trying to provide the right image for our fellow Muslims and followers of Islam. Personally, I think that the crisis involves the West''ignorance''of Islam.

[Declaring Israel to be a Jewish state] is totally unacceptable to us, because it means the [abrogation of] the right of return ...and the deportation of more than a million and a half Palestinians from the occupied territories [of] 1948!
He also recently said that Jerusalem should be Judenrein:
We as a church will fight any smuggling of real estate to Jewish organizations.
Does one get the impression that this man is an Islamist or a Christian? Normal Dhimmis accept the supremacy of Islam; Hanna goes beyond that to accept the legitimacy of Islam more than his own purported faith.