Friday, December 22, 2006

2006 Dhimmi of the Year

Here is Islam's ideal Christian: the Greek Orthodox archbishop in Jerusalem.

This is the same guy who claimed that an Israeli woman was spreading AIDS among Palestinian Arabs. Even during the Pope riots, when churches in the territories were being firebombed, he only condemned the Pope and not the rioters. But here we can see the true extent of his submissiveness to a religion that is not his own:
"The unity of the Palestinians is key to achieving our objectives. We have a common enemy to fight," Atallah Hanna, the Archbishop of Sevastia, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, said.

Hanna fought shy of naming the common enemy but it was obvious that he was referring to Israel. In reply to a question about the ratio of Christians in the Palestinian population, he said roughly one per cent of the Palestinian population was Christian. [In 1950, it was 15%. - EoZ]

He continuously evaded a question about who he and other Christians in the Palestinian territories supported: 'Hamas or Fateh'. "We are supporting whoever the Palestinians want, but the infighting must end," he said.

Hanna is here to attend the two-day conference on Islamists versus Arab nationalists that began at the Ritz-Carlton here yesterday.

Hanna also did not clarify who he was siding with at the convention: the Islamists or Arab nationalists.

Asked if the Palestinian Christians had a political party of their own, he replied in the negative and said: "We don't believe in communal politics. We are in all the political parties of the Palestinians."
So this supposed church leader is so submissive, so dhimmified, so willing to forgo his own belief in his own faith that he is unwilling to even say anything against living under shari'a law, as Hamas calls for in its charter.

His only negative words are aimed at the one nation in the area who is not oppressing his coreligionists.

Previously, this man of God also has called on Arab Christians to start doing their own suicide terror attacks against Israel. His statements were so extreme that he was fired as official spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem but that doesn't stop him from always being found among Islamist terrorist leaders, supporting the murders of Israelis and acting as a de facto spokesman for Arab Christians in his many interviews.

For slavishly adhering to the same political line as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Archbishop Hanna is the hands-down winner of the 2006 Dhimmi of the Year award.

UPDATE: Soccer Dad points to "the only Catholic priest in Gaza" as a strong contender for the title.