Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saudi teacher beats up student, parent

The Arab News just gets better and better....In this story, a teacher beat up his student, and when the father came to investigate, he got beaten up too:
“I received a telephone call from my son at the end of the academic year. He wanted help and so I hurried to the school. When I saw Yasir, I thought he had fallen and didn’t think a teacher had beaten him up,” said Abdullatif.

The father said that when he went into the school, the teacher screamed at him and was abusive. He then beat him up. “I didn’t expect this to happen in an educational institution. This is a place where children should learn ethics before knowledge. How could such behavior come from a person who is supposed to teach our children ethics and morals,” said Abdullatif, who took Yasir to the Al-Ansar Hospital in Madinah following the assault.

“He had suffered bruises to his chest, back, right leg and hand. He had been beaten with a hose,” said Abdullatif, who also suffered bruises to his face and other parts of his body.

So...what punishment did the teacher get for beating up the father/son pair?
[The teacher] will be transferred to a school in a remote desert village and have his salary deducted, Al-Madinah newspaper reported yesterday.Bahjat Junaid, the general manager of the Education Department in the Madinah region, ordered the teacher be transferred as punishment.
Because when he beats up people in remote villages, who really cares?

This is yet another example where the Arab News thinks that it is being so progressive in looking down at the barbaric behavior of some Saudi citizens, while being clueless about how it is also promoting milder forms of barbarity.