Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saudi Best Wife Award

Here's another great "human interest" story in the Arab News that shows, subconsciously, how twisted Arab society is:

TABUK, 27 August 2007 — A man here recently stated that if there was a Best Wife award in the country, his first wife would win it. The reason is that his wife is exceptionally wise and understanding, he said.

When he informed her that he wanted to take a second wife a couple of weeks ago, she took the initiative and found a pretty girl willing to be his second wife, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported yesterday. The first wife also made all the necessary arrangements for the wedding in a matter of days. The man was deeply impressed by her desire to make him happy, even if it meant sharing him with another woman.

Her enthusiasm didn’t stop there; at the wedding reception she welcomed guests and then danced with them. And finally she led the bride to the decorated car and seated her beside the bridegroom and wished them a blissful night.

After their departure she told her friends who were shocked at her behavior, that you cannot stop a man if he wants to marry again. “He will do it with or without our knowledge. So it is better that I cooperate with him and allow him do it with my knowledge and under my supervision, thus minimizing the harm.”
What a gal!