Friday, August 17, 2007

Peaceful Palestinian Arabs attacking UNRWA

From Ma'an:
UNRWA has on Friday called for the intervention of the Palestinian Authority to prevent its employees being repeatedly subject to threats.

A number of UNRWA employees were detained for several hours in Nablus on Thursday.

In a statement received by Ma'an, UNRWA demanded that the Palestinian Authority intervene immediately to stop those who are attempting to drag UNRWA into the ongoing Palestinian internal conflict.

UNRWA made clear that threats and harassment are hindering their ability to carry out their humanitarian assistance in the Palestinian Territories. Exposing the UNRWA staff to danger limits their ability to continue working, the statement added.
The UNRWA website doesn't say a word about this, not even in theor press release section, and neither do any other newspapers. I guess when the UNRWA criticizes Palestinian Arabs they try to keep it a lot quieter than when they criticize Israel.

Who detained the UNRWA workers? Hamas? The PA? No idea. Ma'an doesn't have any previous articles about this and seems to be purposefully vague about what happened.

Readers of my Palestinian Arab history series will recall that PalArabs attacked the UNRWA as soon as it was set up in the 1950s.