Friday, August 17, 2007

Did Peres just give Hamas more legitimacy?

Unlike previous presidents of Israel, which is a largely ceremonial position, Shimon Peres has been making political statements supporting his suicidal ideas of "peace."

According to Palestine Today (Arabic), Peres has just stupidly opened up a window for European recognition of Hamas, as he spoke to a delegation of US Democratic members of Congress: (autotranslated, slightly cleaned up)
Israeli President Shimon Peres said today that there is a possibility that Israel would offer assistance to Hamas if they focused their activities on economic and humanitarian aspects after their takeover of the Gaza Strip.

During his meeting with a delegation comprising 20 members of the American Congress from the Democratic Party, Peres added "if the Palestinian factions, including Hamas against Israel Fessnerd strongly (?), and if Hamas took the humanitarian field, we will help them."
I usually try to find verification for Palestine Press articles but there is indeed a delegation of members of Congress to Israel happening now who met with Peres.

While the part that was untranslated may mean that Peres put in the standard caveat about recognition of Israel and stopping violence, his words can strengthen the Europeans who are lobbying for recognizing Hamas without the pre-conditions that the Quartet laid out.