Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Saeb Erekat, comedian

We all knew what a good liar Saeb Erekat is - but his comedy career is about to get a boost as well:
Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said on Wednesday that he expects Palestinians to overcome the current crisis and that the dangerous deterioration in the Gaza Strip should have a positive affect on the international community and encourage it to enact its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people.

Erekat spoke following a meeting with the EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Marc Otte, and head of the EU observers at Rafah Crossing, Major-General Pietro Pistolese.

Erekat urged the EU observers to continue their job despite the descent into violent conflict in the Gaza Strip. Erekat said that the Rafah Crossing is the only access point for Gazans to the outside world.

Finally, Erekat stressed the responsibility of the international community towards the Palestinian people and urged the UN and the EU to help the Palestinians and submit more aid to ease the lives of people living in dire conditions in the Palestinian territories.
I wonder what possible circumstances would ever occur that would make Erekat say that the Palestinian Arabs should not get more free money from the civilized world?