Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PalArab civil war update

Most sources put today's death count at 9 so far, including a 16-year old boy.

It appears that Hamas is close to winning that wonderful prize known as Gaza.

Hamas prepared a hit list of Fatah leaders it wants dead. Wisely, most of those "leaders" happen to be out of the area while their people are killing each other.

Meanwhile, a retiring UN Jerusalem envoy wrote a 53-page report complaining that the UN wasn't anti-Israel enough.

And just because they are killing each other doesn't mean that PalArab terrorists can't take out a few minutes for some R&R, shooting Qassams at Jews.

Our count of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other this year is now at 354.

Ma'an Arabic now counts 14 for today. 359.
And during a rally against the violence, 15 marchers were injured.

UPDATE 2: One of those marchers was killed (Ha'aretz still has the total at 14 but Ma'an did not count the dead civilian earlier.) Also, two PalArab UNRWA workers were killed too. 362.

UPDATE 3: Ynet counts at least 27 dead today. Conservatively, this makes the self-death count 372, assuming they are including everyone mentioned above.

UPDATE 4:YNet has upwardly revised Wdnesday's total death count to 33. 380.

Thursday's first victim, a "senior" Hamas member. 381.

PalToday Arabic reports on the bodies of two women found Wednesday evening. No idea if they were counted by the other counts. I will update the number of women killed but not the total number.