Saturday, June 02, 2007

Exploding cows and another child intrafada martyr

Ma'an (Arabic) autotranslation gives us this interesting puzzle to decipher:
boy died d spring Abed Rabbo (17 years old) who died from injuries suffered in the unfortunate events that took place today after a car hijacking Colonel retired intelligence Yasmin Abu Smahdanh in Jabaliya, north of Gaza.

The boy was injured after Scores of family members Abed Rabbo protesters on the driver kidnapped their son, while addressing them gunmen shot and seriously wounded in the abdomen, then transfer to a hospital Kamal aggression, he died of his wounds.

The kidnappers released the driver Magdi Ahmed Abed Rabbo (34 years old), a few hours after his abduction, where he was assaulted and molested transferred to the hospital to receive treatment.
So this young man was peacefully protesting the abduction of his father. And the kidnappers shot him dead.

This might hurt the Gaza tourism business.

Our PalArab self-death count is now at 278 for the year.

Meanwhile, Ma'an (English) offers this tantalizing Breaking News item (no link to the story yet):
Al Arabiya Satellite Channel: Fatah Al Islam using explosives strapped to cows in confrontations with the Lebanese army
The poor terrorists of Fatah al-Islam are forced to use such humiliating weapons against the far superior Lebanese Army because they have no choice. It would be a much fairer fight if we gave them their own tanks and airplanes so they can properly defend themselves. (I've seen people say that about poor Palestinian Arabs in the territories, so it makes just as much sense here...)

UPDATE: Clan Clash in Khan Younis. 18 year old killed, 16 year old seriously injured. 279.

Fatah terrorist Abu Obed, 20, killed by "unknown persons" in Jabalya. 280.

PalArab shot dead by PA "police" during a car chase. 281.