Friday, May 25, 2007

Two day round-up

During the two days of Shavuot (in the Diaspora):
So, by PalArab standards, it was a pretty quiet two days.

The self-death count for the year rises to 268.

The 23-week winning streak that Palestinian Arabs had in outkilling the IDF when their own people were victims was finally ended, with Israel winning, 32-20. To put this in context, during the same week some 77 Palestinian Arabs and others were killed in Lebanon by other Arabs.

Also, another difference between Ma'an News in English and Arabic: besides referring to Palestinian Arabs killed by Israel as "martyrs," the Arabic service also refers to Israeli towns being bombarded by Qassams in the Negev that are within the Green Line as "settlements." This is by far the best journalism that Palestinian Arabs are exposed to, and it is filled with lies.
(Background can be found here. )

citizen killed Samih Hussein Massoud Shawahneh 45 years killed and five others were injured after a family quarrel of families in the village of Ras Tireh south of Qalqilya.

UPDATE 2: 1 killed, 15 injured in Fatah/Hamas clashes. 270.
Man in Gaza found tortured to death. 271.