Thursday, May 17, 2007

Arab media reporting Israeli tanks in Gaza

Both Ma'an and Paltoday have bulletins saying Israeli tanks have entered Gaza for the first time since the withdrawal. Paltoday (Arabic) says they are in Jabalia.

IMEMC says a guard at the Islamic University was shot and killed by a sniper. Our 2007 PalArab self-death count rises to 249.

Terrorist died from wounds yesterday in Gaza hospital. 250.

Wafa reported 47 killed in the infighting before the one above which is exactly my number. They also report 210 injured and 28 in critical condition.

UPDATE 2: Ynet reports 1 killed during PalArab funeral; man and woman killed in Fatah/Hamas shootings. 253.

AP's Ibrahim Barzak, the guy who described how scary the violence was yesterday, is back in form spending more time on Israeli airstrikes than PalArab violence today. But he claims 22 were killed yesterday, I only had 18, so I am adjusting my count to 257.

UPDATE 4: Hamas blew up a Fatah terrorist. 258.