Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another day, another "truce" broken

Hamas and Fatah brokered a "truce" on Sunday night. And Monday night. And Tuesday night.

And so far Wednesday, six Fatah "bodyguards" were killed by Hamas and a nurse was declared brain-dead.

Isn't it nice to know that the word "truce" is just as meaningless in Arabic as it is when it is said in English by PalArabs?

The PalArab self-death count for 2007 keeps climbing...236. Sounds like these guys deserve a state of their own....

UPDATE: Palestine Today(Arabic), which yesterday blamed Israel for eight of the people killed by Hamas, counts ten dead today and thirty in 24 hours in the latest "unfortunate events." For now, I'm adding 3 to the self-death count for today as I try to keep accurate track.

Tellingly, their main headline is about the Sderot rockets. Because terrorizing Jews makes the civil war almost worth it...

UPDATE 2: Ynet and Haaretz mention a Hamas "friendly fire" incident where they stormed their own car, killing 5. Are these guys shaheeds? 244. UPDATE 2a: YNet's list of dead today is at 15 so far, so I think I've got it right, but PalToday seems to indicate a couple of random driver shootings as well. Since the autotranslate is not that accurate I'll hold off.

UPDATE 3: Haaretz has 17 killed today; YNet mentions 3 more on Wednesday night. My guess is that Ha'aretz is not counting the brain-dead nurse, and normally I wouldn't except for the fact that her ultimate death will never be reported, so I am at 18 for the day at midnight Gaza time. 247.

Contradictory reports on the total Wednesday fatalities but one who died in an Israeli hospital was not counted by me yet, 248. Four were killed after an 8 PM cease fire but none yet on Thursday as of noon.