Thursday, May 17, 2007

AP spins, lies, repeats

The Associated Press published a helpful guide to what's going in in Gaza. Too bad it isn't very accurate:
Q: Where is the Gaza Strip and how big is it?

A: It's on the Mediterranean coast, with Israel on two sides and Egypt on the other. The territory is 25 miles long and 6 to 9 miles wide. About 1.3 million Palestinians live there, making it one of the most crowded territories on Earth.

It is somewhat crowded, but as I've shown in the past, it is one quarter the population density in Macau or Monaco. And Gaza City is not close to the most crowded city.
Q: Who are the opposing forces?

A: The moderate Fatah movement, the traditional ruler, is on one side and controls most of the Palestinian security forces. On the other side is the militia set up by the Islamic hard-liners of the Hamas movement, which was voted into power a year ago. Palestinian militants also have joined the fight.
This is so misleading that it can be safely considered a lie. The "militants" that joined the fight are the Fatah terrorists who are not "moderate" at all.