Thursday, March 29, 2007

How crowded is Gaza City?

In 2005, I posted an article that debunked the idea that Gaza was ridiculously overpopulated, comparing the population density of Gaza with Macau, Monaco, Singapore and other countries.

In honor of "Land Day," the Palestinian Arab Central Bureau of Statistics came out with new statistics that showed that Gaza City itself is the most densely populated part of the PA.

Let's see how badly overcrowded Gaza City is compared to a representative sampling of major world cities:

City Population/km2
Cairo 35,420
Dhaka 30,403
Mumbai 29,042
Seoul 17,008
New York City 10,439
Moscow 9,644
São Paulo 7,247
Gaza City 6,834
London 4,697
Los Angeles 2,980
"One of the most crowded places on the planet?" Not quite.