Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PalArab civil war accelerates. Happy Naqba day!

Eight Fatah members were killed in a "Presidential Guard" training camp this morning by Hamas.

The crack journalists at Palestine Today (Arabic) blame it on an Israeli shelling - and have "witnesses" to back it up. Ma'an has all the details about how the "gunmen" forced people out of a car and shot them.

It is notable that these clashes occurred near the Karni crossing. I reported yesterday that Israel has been doing everything it could to keep the Karni crossing open since the PA had managed to reduce the terror threat there, and as a result thousands of new jobs had been created. In all probability, Karni will be closed for a while and the Palestinian Arabs will suffer economically - and the world media will blame Israel for it.

A Hamas terrorist was killed in a shootout in Gaza as well.

Our count of PalArabs violently killed by PalArabs is now at 221.

Ma'an counts 11 killed so far today. 223. (UPDATE 2: Ma'an Arabic says 12: 224 ).

UPDATE 2: Ha'aretz counts 13 killed today in Hamas/Fatah fighting. 225.

UPDATE 3: Ha'aretz news ticker reports a 10-year old girl died from injuries in the Hamas/Fatah fighting. 226.

YNet reporting 16 dead today as fighting continues tonight despite yet another "truce." Fatalities include a 17-year old boy and a third journalist killed since Sunday. 228.

UPDATE 5: Ma'an Arabic has Tuesday's total death toll at 17. 229.

UPDATE 6: In case any of you were wondering, Fatah websites call Fatah victims "martyrs" and Hamas websites call Hamas victims "martyrs." One of them must be wrong!