Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Witness the birth of an Arab lie

On the Hamas website, they report on Israel arresting 19 people connected with a plot to bomb Tel Aviv on Passover:
Zionist sources reported that its forces arrested 19 of Hamas members claiming that they were planning to explode e a car in Om Khalid city ( Tel Aviv).
The implication is that Tel Aviv was built on top of an ancient Arab city named "Om Khalid".

Of course, Tel Aviv was built on land purchased by Jews from Arabs. (See Wikipedia for details.)

A Google of "Om Khalid" found almost nothing. The only hit I saw was from the same Hamas source, where they called Netanya "Om Khalid" as well!

I couldn't find any mention of this Om Khalid in any maps that pre-dated Tel Aviv.

The town or village may be a complete fiction. More likely it is a forgotten hamlet that had nothing to do with Tel Aviv or Netanya.

So we may be in a position to witness exactly how Arab lies about Palestine have started. Just as other lies about Israel become commonly accepted "facts" in time due to Arab repetition, it will be worth looking at how this lie starts and spreads.