Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Arabic/English dichotomy at Maan

I only recently discovered Maan News, which appears to be so far the best place to see breaking news in the territories.

But only in Arabic.

The English site was down during 'Eid and the New Year and only came back up today. But the English site contains very different news and opinions than the Arabic site.

First, look at the main picture on the Arabic site, which reflects the major news of the day - Hamas and Fatah killing each other and dozens dead and injured:

Now look at picture on the English site:

Israeli oppressors!

The Arabic site details the deaths of at least 7 people from infighting, the English site mentions only one.

The Arabic site includes a nonsensical editorial extolling Saddam and blaming the Zionists/"Chosen People" who control America for his death. (It also has a poem about him.) The article adds that the Jews are encouraging Shiite/Sunni violence.

The English site doesn't mention a word about Saddam or the PalArab grief over his death.

In other words, the Arabic site reflects the true way that Palestinian Arabs think, and the English site is nothing but propaganda.

Just like Wafa. Just like the Palestine News Network.