Sunday, October 22, 2006

WAFA: Arabic news completely different from English news

WAFA is the "Palestinian" news agency, and, like the "Palestine News Network," its webpage is available in English, Hebrew, French and Arabic.

And, just like with PNN, they actively censor any news in English that makes Palestinian Arabs look bad.

Today's example: The English webpage has articles about Israeli harassment of PalArabs at checkpoints, a story talking about how the Rachel Corrie play is a smash hit, and a story from ISM about a PalArab man who will not tell his kids that Israel destroyed their house because he doesn't want them to hate. All stories tailor-made for propaganda purposes to put the best possible light on PalArabs and the worst on Israelis - which means it is not "news" at all.

But when one looks at the autotranslated Arabic site, things get a little more interesting:
Also, yesterday, "gunmen" on motorcycles killed someone who was autotranslated as "struggling Douglas" in Jericho.

Thanks to the Arabic news, we reconfirm that Palestinian Arabs violently murder each other daily, with no arrests, and very little coverage even by their own press (the Jericho murder wasn't mentioned in any other news source I could find.)

Our PalArab violent self-death count since late Operation Summer Rains began is now at 124.