Thursday, January 04, 2007

More death! More injuries! Plus some Saddam poetry!

This morning's Peaceful PalArab News shows that six to ten were injured during two Fatah funerals. Maan says it was from people shooting in the air; Wafa seems to imply Hamas shooting at the funeral.

Also, one was killed and six more injured, two critically, in Fatah/Hamas clashes in Jabaliya.

The Wafa PA news agency was itself attacked as well.

My count is at 217 violently killed by other PalArabs since late June, 12 this year.

As a bonus, Maan News has a poetry section, and one poem is called "Long dark O Saddam." Obviously an autotranslate program cannot do such a poem justice, but here is a taste from the much, much longer poem. The last line makes it all worth it.
When darkness disappear?
متى سنفرح لسقوط الامطارWhen would rejoice in rainfall
ومتى سنعد الايام ونراقب حركة الاقمارAnd when we will produce the days and watch the movement of satellites
وكيف سنكون يوما ثوارHow we will be days revolutionists
وكيف سنحقق الانتصارHow we will achieve victory
ظلم وقسوة في الجوارThe injustice and cruelty in the neighborhood
استعباد وظلم للثوارThe enslavement and oppression of the insurgents
سقوط لاعظم الجبابرة والاحرارThe fall of the greatest giants and the Liberals
متى سيزول الظلامWhen darkness disappear

كثر السؤال والكلامRumors question and talk
حزنت عليه دماؤنا والعظامSaddened by the blood and bone
جرحت القلوب وذبحت بالسهامWounded hearts and butchered dart
لذهاب الحسامGo to the sword.
سقط القائد المقدامCommander fell venture
وفرحت النفوس الضعيفة وفكت اللثامAnd happy weak and tore down light
ما عاد للسر وجود وكثر طيران الحمامThe general returned to the presence of many airline bathroom
ما عدنا نرفع رأسنا وبتنا كالنعامWhat we raise our heads and we ostriches
فقدت البشرية الشموخ والعظمة بفقدان القائد والاب والامامLost Chammokh human greatness and the loss leader, father and Imam
قائد ثورتنا سقط وما عاد لنا الا الركامCommander of the Revolution fell and returned to us only rubble
ركام قواد ورؤساء هذه الايامThe ruins of the commanders and heads these days

When darkness disappear?
ونفضل الرجل والقائد على الكراسي والحساباتThe preferred men and the commander in the seats and Accounts
طال الظلام يا اعز القوادLong dark you dearest pimp

UPDATE: 3 dead so far today, including a senior Fatah dude:
A senior Palestinian security officer and Fatah loyalist were killed Thursday in an assault on his house by Hamas gunmen, Palestinian officials said.

The officer, Colonel Mohammed Ghayeb, had appeared on Palestine TV just moments before his death and appealed for help. Ghayeb's wife was seriously wounded in the attack, in which Hamas fired assault rifles and rockets at the building.

Ghayeb was the chief of the Preventive Security Service in northern Gaza, and his killing was expected to trigger revenge attacks by the men under his command.

A Hamas policeman was also killed in the northern Gaza Strip refugee camp of Jabalya when members of a Hamas police unit attacked the house of a senior Fatah official. Hamas said its forces were shot at first.
And another person, seemingly a civilian protesting the death of the Colonel, was killed by Hamas this evening. Also, no one knows how many people died with Ghayeb in the house as ambulances can't get there. Unconfirmed reports say 7 more - including his brother and two daughters.

The counts are now at least 220 since Summer Rains and 15 for the year.

UPDATE 2: JPost reporting 5 were killed in the house (including the two daughters) and a Hamas man outside, so 4 more added to the counts: 224 and 19.

Right before midnight, a Hamas terrorist was killed by those infamous "unknown gunmen" in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus - in the West Bank. They also burned some cars and shops there and in Jenin, and shot at a house and burned another car in Tulkarem. . So violence is spreading outside Gaza now. 225 and 20.

UPDATE 4: One more person died from injuries at the Ghayeb house yesterday - it may be the brother. 226 and 21.