Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Gaza terrorists try to aim rockets during Jewish holidays

The Arabic Maan news agency has an interview on the "inside story" of the terrorists who launch rockets towards Israel. The autotranslate is very poor so I will try to quote it and correct it as best as I can, but the article makes the terrorists sound heroic, as usual:
The cat-and-mouse game between Israel and the Palestinian Arab rocket launchers has resumed after a short lull.

A group of Palestinians, three to four young men in the prime of their lives, prepare their missiles to be fired at Israeli targets and then must disappear in seconds into Gaza outside the reach of the Israeli army, which monitors their missiles as they are shot on their way to settlements in the western Negev, but it was too late for Israel to respond.

Maybe the Palestinian rockets are primitive but they certainly leave the Israeli army without recourse, and they impose terror and fear on the population of the south of the country. The members of the Palestinian cells are not intimidated by Israel and its army and always find enough time for press interviews that turned them into TV stars in Europe and other continents.

In this context found the commander of a group of missiles, known as Abu Hamza, had enough time to give the French news agency, "a. B, "an interview which he spoke of how their work and fear of the Israeli army, separated as much as possible for the cat and mouse game between the two parties to the conflict.

The bearded commander of the cell Abu Hamza "has just launched seven rockets, the Israelis tried all ways of aircraft and aircraft unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters and land invasions in order to stop the firing of rockets but to no avail and we raise the level of our ongoing and now we can launch our far beyond, which will help us to a range of sites somewhat further away from the battle lines where aircraft can reach us."

Despite the differences and conflicts between the Palestinian factions, it did not affect the cells firing rockets, which carries out its functions in collaboration and coordination among the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Islamic Jihad groups in the central efforts of the firing of rockets at Israeli targets, in contrast with what comes from the political dispute in the street. The atmosphere of friendliness and love dominates between the cells firing rockets.

Came to the press interview commanding one field commander Abu Hamza and another known as Abu Jabal and revealed for the first time before the press modus operandi as Abu Hamza "is our men erected
missile platforms and withdraw rapidly. There is a group responsible for the firing of rockets and the second secures the protection of the launch."

They cannot fire the rockets towards any specific targets. They know that the range is between 10-20 kilometers but where the rockets hit is up to God.

Abu Hamza and Abu Jabal say they have "consistently employed great efforts and time to identify a time of launching rockets. They prefer the early morning hours or the early hours of the evening for the implementation of the bombing operations. Abu Hamza says "the hours morning or evening are the hours in which the movement of the Israelis is greatest, as well as Jewish holidays are our favorite tool for a religion. We are trying shelling during and well as when we know from the media on the visit of the commander or the Israeli official trying to do of aerial bombardment. "
UPDATE: AFP has the article in English - but translates "Jewish holidays" as "public holidays," something that the autotranslate would not have gotten wrong. So AFP apparently purposefully mistranslated the interview so as not to add a religious dimension to the Islamic Jihad/Fatah terrorists.