Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Support Shari'a. Boycott Iran!

The Iranian leader Mahmoud Amalek Ahmadinejad's spiritual leader is Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi, as we mentioned last April. Yazdi didn't do too well in the recent Iranian elections, but his wisdom is eternal.

His website has an Arabic fatwa section that includes this nice one:
Q: I read in the polls for the province of some products they serve the ends of the usurping entity such as the purchase of American products collapse if they serve the state, usurping Zion Harmholkn realized what staffing serve Israel and know how any American companies that help Israel, which is not reasonable to all American companies helped Israel clearly question whether each product mean the duty of American boycott?

A: Since the American economy harnessed to serve Israel, the boycott of American goods of all kinds is justified, and as such the province for the networked economy in the contemporary world is not possible, the difficult and critical duty to avoid circulation of American commodities to the greatest extent possible.
The unfortunate Ayatollah would love to give a blanket prohibition on American goods and services, but unfortunately there are just too many American products out there to make such a boycott practical.

I say it is time that we help the Ayatollah and his acolyte the President commit more fully to the word of Allah, and help them with their fervent desire to boycott all American goods and services. Since European goods have so many American components, Europe will have to jump on the bandwagon to ensure that not the slightest sin is committed in the quest for human perfection in Iran. It is only fitting and proper that we do our utmost to stop Iran from getting any Western technology or products.

This is clearly what Allah wants.