Sunday, December 10, 2006

  • Sunday, December 10, 2006
  • Elder of Ziyon
Yet another anonymous incoherent anti-semitic rant. This one is so utterly disjointed and rambling that it makes most similar articles appear to be written by Rhodes Scholars.

It would be really funny if it wasn't for the fact that Google News indexes this article and presents it to the world as legitimately as the Times of London.

This despite repeated emails to Google News that this site ("The People's Voice") is a haven for anti-semitic lunatics.

An Islam free from Zionist subjugation is the last hope of the world

An elite ruling class has risen in Western Civilization — at the top of this elite are the merchant bankers who are Zionist (Jewish supremacist) Jews who believe in racial superiority and class superiority and in the right of power — the power to take control of nations that where liberal republics and, by control and manipulation of the money supply, by the creation of monopolies, especially of capital and land convert these nations into plutocracies where the middle classes are plundered and robbed of political participation and voice – or, as often as not, they have their control from outright conquest –as the defeat of Germany after both world wars, the subjugation of Russian under (Jewish — and covertly banker-controlled) communism. The Jew bankers means of gaining power is ultimately through wars — they create wars — and cold wars — in order to organize all of a nations economy — its “war economy” — under their control.....

I know that many Moslems — I write “Moslems” and not “Muslims” because 50 years ago in the United States publications used the term Moslems, and I remember an English teacher telling me that “Muslims” was a spelling that carried a pejorative cargo, and now I find, in this Jewish age, that “Muslim” is exclusively used by the Jewish media, and so I will still use “Moslems” — just so you understand — now, as I was saying — I know that many Moslems believe that Saddam Hussein was evil because he fought back when the Kurds attempted to overthrow him or that he used brutal tactics against those whom he thought the CIA was using to overthrow his country or because he is Sunni and not Shiite — I don’t know — but for whatever reason some Moslems say they are glad Saddam Huessein is gone — but I look at it differently — to me Saddam Hussein was a nationalist who was for this country and wanted it to be great, wanted its people — all of them — to be great. He did all that was in his power to make Iraq a great and good country. But Saddam Hussein’s nationalism and pro-population view ran counter to the world order that the Jewish bankers want. And so Saddam Hussein was lured into — perhaps the war with Iran (I do not know the particulars here) — but more important he was definitely lured into attacking Kuwait — attempting to reunite a part of his country — as Red China seeks to reunite Taiwan (the Republic of China) with China — or, looking at it anther way — as the Republic of China (Taiwan) would like to reunited the mainland with itself (and, yes, the Jewish bankers supported communist mass-murderer Mao against the liberalizing party of Sun Yat Sen and a nationalist republic — Zhou Enlai murdered Sun Yat Sen.) — but back to Saddam Hussein — Saddam Hussein was a populist — and he was elected to his office — and it is exactly populist nationalist leaders that the Jewish bankers seek to destroy — the Jewish merchant bankers do not want countries where the masses have a high standard of living and a culture (and a faith in God) of their own — the Jewish merchant bankers did not want Saddam Hussein showing the world what a country could do if it devoted its wealth to national development — and so they lured him into a war so that the United States could make war with him in 1990 Gulf War — then US President George Bush actually signaled US permission for Saddam Hussein to go ahead with his invasion over the issue of slant drilling — only after this — and after a flood of Jewish newsmedia propaganda — now all shown to be lies (like the falsely alleged stealing of hospital intensive-care neo-natal isolets — which never happened) and so the Americans led an expedition to slaughter the Iranians. And after that came the sanctions — started under the older Bush and continued by Bill Clinton (both tools of the Jewish Merchant Bankers) — sanctions that starved millions, that prevented Saddam Hussein from furthering his national policies — sanctions, but also the no-fly zones and bombing sortees (more bombing sortees were flown during the eleven years of sanctions than were flown during the actual Gulf War) — sanctions that prevented even current medical journals — during the sanctions hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children under five died during the 1990’s from preventable, curable diseases: primarily water-borne bacteriological infections and acute respiratory infections that Iraq simply lacked the anti-biotic and other medicine to cure (what irony when the US supposedly went to war over stolen infant-care isolets that were never actually stolen!) — prevented from reaching Iraq due to sanctions — whereas in the 1980’s Iraq’s medical facilities were comparable to those in the United States. In the name of preventing Iraq from developing weapons the sanctions destroyed all of Iraq’s industry and trade. But this is as nothing compared to what the Jewish Merchant Bankers are doing to Iraq today.

...So where am I going with these ramblings of mine — I couldn’t sleep and so came down to the basement and typed this out — but it needs a conclusion — and that conclusion is this:

Islam is the hope of the world against domination by Jewish merchant bankers (whose religion is Zionism) — it is my hope — that Islam will triumph — that the truth of this war against Islam will become known to all who have been brainwashed by Zionist propaganda — that the world will see that Islam is attacked because it is good — because it is God’s will for mankind - and not the enslavement of mankind that Zionism, the enemy of Islam, represents.

And I hope for Christianity too — that it may purge itself of Zionist and pagan falsehood — and return to the message of Jesus which directs man to God.

This joke of a "news" site can print whatever it wants, but to be given implicit legitimacy by the largest news gathering site on the planet is simply irresponsible.

EoZ Book:"Protocols: Exposing Modern Antisemitism"


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