Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Israeli woman spreading AIDS to Palestinians"

There is an interesting pattern in the PalArab territories. Every time there is an "international day" to raise awareness on any topic, they ue it as an opportunity to bash Israel and blame the Jews for their part in that problem.

For example, last Monday was the "International Day of Disabled Persons." So the Palestinian Arabs wrote press releases asking the world to stop Israeli attacks disabled PalArabs.

Last week was the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women," sp the PalArabs trotted out statistics of women that Israel "attacked." Somehow, Kassam rockets and suicide bombers don't make it into that report.

Well, we have just had International AIDS day. And guess what the PalArabs are saying?
"Israel is trying to hurt the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people also by means of exporting AIDS, drug trafficking, promiscuous norms, and making prostitution legal," warned president of the sharia religious court in the PA, Sheikh Taissir Tamimi, and spokesman of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Atalla Hanna.

Hanna also said that he had read in one of the Palestinian newspapers about a young AIDS-infected Israeli woman who, according to the article, arrived in Jerusalem in order to infect young Palestinians with the disease. The archbishop called the Palestinian public to beware of such dangers.

Two religious figures emphasized that people with AIDS should not be ostracized "because there is no certainty that they were infected through immoral acts or forbidden sexual relations outside of marriage, but may have been infected for other reasons. Therefore, they should not be excommunicated."
No word from these figures on the probability that Yasir Arafat had AIDS, and not due to "other reasons."