Sunday, November 19, 2006

What's the big deal about some explosives?

The PalArabic Al-Ayyam has an article complaining about Israel closing a checkpoint for a few hours. Here's how it describes it (autotranslated):
the occupation forces closed Beit Iba checkpoint place at the western entrance to Nablus. The Hawara checkpoint primarily at the southern entrance of the city, yesterday, they have prevented the entry and exit of citizens for more than three hours. so detained thousands of citizens, staff and students, the pretext was found in possession of explosive materials on one of the young men as he was leaving the city through Hawara checkpoint.

What a stupid pretext to close a checkpoint! In PalArab culture, carrying explosives is no more serious than carrying cigarettes; those Zionist occupiers are just looking for an excuse to humiliate us again!