Thursday, November 16, 2006

Palestinian Arab innovation and creativity

Despite the celebrated comments of Samir 'Ubeid that the Nobel Prize is a Zionist conspiracy, when one looks one can find Palestinian Arabs are in the forefront in scientific research - towards how best to kill Jews.

We have seen in the past how the PalArabs are innovating in the area of tunnel digging. Digging tunnels big enough to get large shipments through, long enough to evade two borders and without expensive equipment is not a simple problem. But over time they have gotten very, very good at it. When they have incentive, they can be very creative.

The major manufacturing industry in Gaza now is the Qassam rocket industry. One may make fun of these "crude" weapons because they do not have accurate guidance systems, but as tools of terror they are perfectly suited. One can be certain that PalArab innovation in the Qassam area is not geared towards accuracy, but rather towards range, because the goal is not to accurately hit targets but just to be good enough to land in a populated area.

We have also seen how, given enough motivation, Palestinian Arabs will willingly turn farm animals into weapons to kill Jews. Similarly, they have used women and children for the same purpose.

Don't forget their imaginative use of rat poison.

And now, the Jerusalem Post has a story on how PalArabs have been perfecting the suicide bomb vest that uses liquid explosives to evade detection:

It is not that PalArabs are not smart or creative. It is just that while those Nobel-prize winning Jews are interested in improving the world, the entire motivation behind the brightest minds in Palestinian Arab areas is dedicated to terrorizing and murder.

And the feedback loop built into Palestinian Arab society is one that praises and rewards these innovators as great men, one that spins successful murders as great victories, one that names their inventions after criminal thugs.

So of course their best and brightest (who don't decide to get the hell out) gravitate towards terror - it is an accurate reflection of their value system.