Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Some of those female prisoners

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Ahlam Tamimi, who drove the suicide bomber to the Sbarro's restaurant attack killing 15, including 11 children.

Amana Muna, who lured a 16-year old Israeli boy over the Internet to Ramallah where he was ambushed and killed.

Yusra Abdu, convicted of planning a suicide attack.

Wafa al-Bis, who tried to blow up the Israeli hospital that was treating her. Details here:

As of March 2004,
Israeli security forces have arrested 24 women intent on perpetrating suicide bombing attacks.

From mid-2004 to mid-2005,
over 59 women have attempted attacks against Israelis.

From the IDF website:

Kahira Sa'adi, a mother of four children, and Sanaa Shachada, 27 bought flowers in order to disguise themselves as civilians on Mother's Day when a terrorist blew himself up on King George Street in Jerusalem on 21.3.02 killing three Israeli civilians and wounding tens of others.

Kahira Sa'adi, 26 married and mother of four, resident of Al-Ram confessed in her investigation that she brought to Jerusalem the suicide bomber who executed the terrorist attack. Kahira mentioned in her investigation that Abad Al Karim Avis, one of the senior terrorists of the Fatah terrorist organization who was arrested in the Jenin refugee camp became acquainted with Kahira, and requested from her to exploit her western looks and smuggle a suicide bomber into Jerusalem.

She also confessed that after the terrorist attack on King George Street, she agreed to transfer another suicide bomber into Jerusalem with a larger explosive belt.

Sana Shachada, 27 from the Kalandia refugee camp confessed in her investigation that together with Kahira Sa'adi she was involved in the smuggling of a suicide bomber.

Sana also said in her investigation that she was a friend and supporter of Neazar Shavish, a senior terrorist of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Jenin. Shavish was arrested by security forces and was contacted in order to help in the smuggling of a terrorist into Jerusalem.

She also confessed that at a checkpoint to the entrance of the city she bought flowers, holding them in order to be assimilated better among those crossing, as it was Mother's Day the day of the attack. She also said in her investigation that before she entered the city with Shavish, Shavish stepped back at a distance of 50 meters from Kahira Saidi and the suicide bomber because she wore an Arab traditional garment and did not want to stir any suspicion.

Daah Jeyosi, a 21 year old student who smuggled a suicide bomber into the city of Netanya checked other possibilities of carrying out a terrorist attack in the area of the boardwalk and the mall, but finally selected the local market. The result was the murder of three Israeli civilians and wounding fifty nine civilians on 19.5.02:

Daah Jeyosi, a 21 year old student from Tulkarem, confessed in her investigation that she was asked by terrorists of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine from Shechem to smuggle the terrorist who executed the suicide bombing. Daah mentioned that she was asked by a terrorist if she is ready to carry out a suicide bombing of her own. Daah refused to sacrifice herself but she did express readiness to participate in the implementation of a terrorist attack.

She also said to the terrorist that she is familiar with the city of Netanya and in particular the coastline.(She would drive there many times before the Intifada). Daah was asked to be escorted to the suicide bomber and tell him to appear as innocent as possible.

On day of the attack, Daah entered the city wearing a white tight shirt and tight pants, with sunglasses, carrying a brown purse and a ribbon tied to her hair. When arriving at the entrance to the market, Daah left the taxi and examined the place. Later in which, she requested from the driver that he wait at the entrance of the market. Daah requested from the taxi driver to wait about 5 minutes in order that she will be able to flee with the taxi and only after operating the explosive device that she carried in her purse. Daah returned to the taxi, and after a few minutes there was the explosion.

Arin Achmad, a 20 year old student wore tight pants and a stomach bearing shirt in an attempt to disguise her Palestinian Arab origin in order to help the suicide bomber, aged 17 execute a suicide bombing in Rishon Lezion on 22.5.02. In the terrorist attack, many civilians were murdered and many were wounded:

Arin Achmad, a 20 year old student from Beit Sahour, was supposed to take part in a suicide bombing that was carried out in Rishon Lezion. Together with Isa Badir, a 17 year old terrorist who in the end executed the attack, Arin brought to the area of the planned terrorist attack Ibrahim Sarachana and his wife Irana. The original plan was that Issa would blow himself up adjacent to the tables of backgammon where people sat around.

Arin Ahmed would wait on the other side of the road then explode herself with the explosive device on the people who will flee from panic alongside the other side of the street. The explosive devices were placed in the purses which Arin and Isa carried, each weighing about 35 kilograms. The explosive device was detonated by a switch where a stick in the purse was connected to strings.

Arin said that when she saw the place where she was to blow herself up, she changed her mind and requested to return back. Before she carried out the terrorist attack she wrote a departing letter to her family, purifying herself and prayed and was photographed by a video camera. In order to present herself as an Israeli in order not to stir any suspicion, she wore tight pants and a stomach bearing shirt.

Norah Anam, 16 attempted to stab an IDF soldier at the Taibeh checkpoint on 24.2.02:

Norah Anam,16, a resident of Tul Karem attempted to carry out a terrorist attack by attempting to stab an IDF soldier at the Taibeh checkpoint near Tulkarem. Norah Anam left her house during the evening hours of the night, without the knowledge of her children, and crossed the checkpoint in order carry out a terrorist attack and stab an IDF soldier.

The forces at the checkpoint opened fire in her direction in order to thwart the terrorist attack which ended in the death of the terrorist. The Fatah terrorist organization claimed responsibility of sending Norah to carry out the terrorist attack.

Imao Asah, 27, married and the mother of two children placed an explosive device in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station on 3.8.01:

Iman Asah, 27 from Shechem, married and mother of two children placed an explosive device at the Tel Aviv central bus station on 3.8.01. The explosive device was discovered by security forces before it had the chance to explode. Iman consented to the request of her husband who was suspected of collaborating with Israel, to execute a terrorist attack of placing an explosive device in order to "clear his name", as well to improve his family relations.

Iman's brother, known as a Fatah terrorist was also behind the terrorist attack attempt. Iman and her husband were arrested by Israeli security forces after attempting to execute the attack.

Tahani Titi, 24 intended to commit suicide due to her disappointing life but was saved by terrorist organizations in order to carry out a terrorist attack against Israeli civilians in September of 2001:

Tahani Titi , 24 a graduate was detained by security forces after she attempted to execute a suicide bombing. In her investigation she said that in September 2001 she met Valid Tzabich, a wanted Tanzim terrorist from Bethlehem who was killed in an initiated activity by security forces.

The connection between Tahini and Valid was destined originally for the purpose of marriage but when she understood that he would run after women, Tahiti canceled the marriage proposal and maintained contact with him via telephone only. In June of 2002, Tahiti lost hope of her life at her father's home so she decided to put an end to her life.

Valid originally tried to motivate her not to act such and claimed that as long as she wishes to die, it would be preferable to do it for something good. Valid indicated to Tahiti to establish contact with two Tanzim terrorists in Ramallah who will help her execute a suicide bombing. After a number of days, it was discovered that the terrorists from Ramallah were arrested and so the suicide terrorist attack was postponed. At the end of June, Tahini tried to commit suicide by taking pills, but failed. She mentioned that she wanted to end her life not for nationalistic reasons, but on her father's account who repeatedly hit her and did not love her since she started university.

She also said that she did not hate Jews and her visits in Israel were all for the good and was impressed by how the Israelis lead free lives. The case of Tahini constitutes a classic example of the cynical abuse by terrorist groups of exploiting the young and innocent who have sensitive marital issues.

Teoraya Chamor, 26- her family refused her to marry and as a result she decided to execute a suicide bombing:

Teoraya Chamor, 26, from Jaba was arrested in Beit Dudata in Tulkarem while on her way to execute a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. In her investigation she said that four months before her arrest she knew Monir Chalava who asked her to marry him.

Teoraya's family had not allowed her to marry him and as a result she decided to commit suicide in a terrorist attack. Later she made contact with Tanzim terrorists from Jaba and Shechem who prepared her to carry out a terrorist attack. According to the plan she was to travel from Nablus to Tal from there to Kalandia and to east Jerusalem and eventually reach western Jerusalem and blow herself up in a crowded place. In the apartment in Shechem the explosive belt was measured which was used to dress the body and gave her a detailed briefing on how to activate the explosive belt and the explosive device that she would carry. Additionally, her operators decided to equip her with a purse full of nails which weighed 35 kilograms.

She learned how to press the button which operated the explosive device. Teoraya regretted carrying out the attack in the last moment and claimed that her operators gave her orders to dress in the modern provocative clothes similar to the Israeli woman among other things, such as scattered hair, heavy makeup and tight pants.

Shafa Alkadsi, a 26 year old and mother of a gilr planned to wear maternity clothing in order to conceal the explosive device she was to wear. She was arrested by security forces on 11.4.02:

Shafa Alkadsi, a 26 year old Tanzim terrorist from Tulkarem, a divorcee and mother was found on 11.4.02, a day after a withdrawal of IDF forces from Tulkarem (the end of the Defensive Shield Operation), by her parents' apartment when she was supposed to execute the next day a suicide bombing.

In her investigation, she confessed that she was supposed to execute a triple suicide bombing together with another young person. Shafa planned to wear on her body an explosive belt under the cover of a maternity dress in order not arouse any suspicion.

Together with her, another young person was supposed to wear an explosive belt and an explosive device which he was to conceal at the designated place before the attack. The plan was that Shafa would blow herself up first and later when there will be a cluster of people at the scene, the second bomber will then blow himself up subsequently detonating the explosive device.

Shafa even prepared a will and testament declaring her leaving her daughter and family. The arrest of Shafa by Israeli security forces thwarted her attempt to execute the suicide bombing and prevented fatalities and many injured people. Her brother was arrested in February of 2002 on his way to carry out a suicide bombing.

A 15 year old girl from Bethlehem turned to her uncle, manufacturer of explosive devices saying she was willing to execute a terrorist attack in Israel:

A 15 year old girl from Bethlehem, was arrested by IDF forces as they entered the city during the Defensive Shield Operation. She confessed that she was drafted to the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, an offshoot of the Fatah terrorist organization by her uncle, a senior Tanzim terrorist and manufacturer of explosive devices from Bethlehem.

Additionally, she said that she addressed her uncle and expressed her readiness to execute a suicide bombing in Israel. Her uncle promised her that he will take care of the explosive belt and requested from her to enlist additional girls for suicide bombings.

Her younger sister discovered her sister's plan and threatened to tell authorities. The two threatened the younger sister not to tell their father after she would leave school. The sister confessed and told the two that she made contact with Fatah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists. After a number of days, again her plan to commit suicide was discovered by her uncle, but explained to her that in the aftermath of the United States' proclamation of Tanzim as a terrorist group they will not willingly allow them to involve women in suicide attacks.

Iman Abu Chutza, 21, crawled across an Israeli community in Rafiah in order to injure Israeli guests on 25.4.02:

Iman Abu- Chutza, 21, resident of Jabalya departed on 25.4.02 to the Rafiah area, where she hid in a building and began crawling into a nearby Israeli settlement in order to blow herself up there. IDF soldiers discovered her and arrested her immediately. Iman joined two other Fatah terrorists from the Gaza Strip to carry out a suicide bombing. These 2 terrorists trained her on how to operate a hand grenade and fire a Kalashnikov rifle. Before her mission, Iman wrote a will and testament requesting forgiveness from her parents.

Lila Bachari, 26, aided a terrorist who executed a suicide bombing at the Maccabim checkpoint and planned to execute a terrorist attack of her own:

Lila Bachari, 26, a resident of Shechem was arrested on 1.7.02 after she expressed in February her readiness to execute a suicide bombing. Lila donned the suicide bomber terrorist with an explosive belt around the body of Darin Abu-Isa who executed the suicide bombing at the Macccabim checkpoint on 27.2.02

UPDATE 7/4: Tom Gross points out that a fawning BBC profile doesn't mention a fact about a woman terrorist:

Following the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit last week, the BBC ran an article on their “award-winning” website focusing on a Palestinian man, Walid al-Houdaly, who claimed that his wife and 18-month old son are being held in an Israeli prison. Separately, BBC correspondents have said Israel is taking an “exceptionally hard line” in refusing to talk about releasing these Palestinian prisoners.

The article, which reads like a propaganda statement for Islamic Jihad, is guilty of omitting some very important facts.

It states that al-Houdaly’s wife “headed a women’s organisation dedicated to providing health services for poor Palestinians.”

In fact, according to Palestinian media reports and pro-Palestinian campaigners for prisoner releases, Walid al-Houdaly’s wife is a member of Islamic Jihad, and was jailed for 10 years for attempting to detonate a car bomb in Jerusalem. These facts are simply omitted from the BBC’s report.