Monday, November 06, 2006

Newest AFP buzzword: "Ultra-radical"

AFP has addressed a major problem of nomenclature.

We know they describe the Fatah terrorists who want to destroy Israel while they pretend to negotiate as "moderates," and the describe the Hamas terrorists who want to destroy Israel while they get elected and become respectable as "radicals:"
A Palestinian minister has said the ruling Hamas party had reached agreement with president Mahmud Abbas's moderate Fatah on a national unity government, but a spokesman for the radical Islamist group would only say "important progress" had been made.

But then what does AFP call Islamic Jihad, who wants to destroy Israel but it not in the government?

Why, they must be "ultra-radical!"
An Israeli unit, which rolled into the town -- the traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ -- took up position around the family home of Thaer Hassan, a member of the ultra-radical Islamic Jihad group, wanted for several years.

The ultra-radical Islamic Jihad, which has been behind all of the most recent bomb attacks against Israeli targets, immediately claimed the attack in which Massud was killed.
Yes, somewhere in the AFP network a style book has just been updated.

Thank heavens we have AFP to create distinctions between terror organizations that share the same goals and methods.