Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moron of the week

Iran's Mehrnews just printed a rambling, incoherent article by a James Seidel:
Leaving the American nightmare
TEHRAN, Nov. 14 (MNA) -- I would like to say that I wish to leave America, not because I am angry, not because I am afraid, but because I disagree with the new HITLER we have as a ruler.

A lot of the problems around the world seem to be secretly created by the current American (northern part) government which is controlled by the Zionist regime.

I simply refuse to be a slave, period.

As for the legal issues, I was released as a political prisoner from the American SLAVE MACHINE called the courts.

In America, the people are arrested and marked so that there is a constant supply of people to feed the ranks of the slave work programs.

Almost all military clothing and wire harnesses for attack planes and other items are made by slaves making less than 30 cents an hour in American jails.

I pray that GOD intervenes and corrects the evil.

I am really embarrassed that the country I was born in has turned into such chaos.

And that it creates most of the chaos around the planet.

I fear no more the evil American leaders.

The men who created the laws would raise their swords if they knew what the current leaders are doing to the United States Constitution.

It is total war against the people of the United States, and everyone is asleep, not even realizing that their leaders are doing terrible misdeeds behind the backs of the sleeping public.

May GOD have mercy on all of us for doing nothing to prevent the evil.

I remain, James Robert Seidel, citizen of the planet earth.
His backstory must be fascinating; clearly he was in prison at some point and really resented the poor pay!

Not too much about him is apparent on the Web, but I did find this piece he did for Pravda:(Google cache)
In 500 years, what will America be, probably a nuclear waste, due to the greed of either the Jews or the idiots who lie to the people.

Right now, our American leaders are lying not only to us the people, they are lying to themselves thinking their nightmare can go on.

History always repeats itself, so that means this empire is all played out.

You know that the newspapers are already covering up the beatings and the things done to those men fighting American aggressors. If someone were trying to change my home, I know I would fight back. I see nothing wrong with the Iraqi people trying to save their culture from becoming another McDonald's or Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet so that the New York Jews can steal more profits?
I think that I can speak for most Americans whe I say I hope he gets his wish to leave the country.